Phi Kappa Phi: Letting the Love of Learning Rule – Zoe Ziegler ’24 and Tonderai Mushipe

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On April 16th, I along with fellow scholar Karsyn Koon ‘24 and the LSP Staff’s University Program Associate Tonderai Mushipe were inducted into the honors society of Phi Kappa Phi’s UNC Charlotte chapter. This was a fantastic experience and something that presents many opportunities for the future, just a few of which I would like to share!  This organization has a long and illustrious history after being created in 1897, making it the oldest interdisciplinary honors program in the country.

In the future, I look forward to taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the program, including scholarships, fellowships, a global network of fellow members, and opportunities to become more involved in the community. One of these opportunities that I plan to pursue is their new Pioneer Scholarship, which rewards undergraduate members of PKP a scholarship for their achievements in research, academics, and community engagement.

Although it has not been long since I was inducted into this organization, there have already been so many opportunities to connect with professors and fellow scholars and I look forward to many more experiences and opportunities in the future!

Being inducted into Phi Kappa Phi, a society of over 25,000 students, faculty, professional staff and alumni, was such an honor. The fact that Phi Kappa Phi comprises members with versatile professional backgrounds makes it a great organization to be a part of. I am looking forward to forming professional relationships with individuals at both the university chapter level and across the country.

Phi Kappa Phi’s interdisciplinary approach towards membership aligns with my own professional experience.  As a University Program Associate in the Levine Scholars Program (LSP), I get to work with over 80 scholars in the program who are enrolled in a wide range of different majors.  This diversity in majors pursued by students is a key strength of the program. In my own academic work as a doctoral student in the Geography and Earth Sciences Department, I have also witnessed first-hand the value of an interdisciplinary approach toward research and collaboration.  My research consists of working with a variety of community stakeholders such as neighborhood associations, community organizations, government agencies and the public at large.  I therefore value interacting with a similarly diverse set of individuals through Phi Kappa Phi.  I plan to apply for the dissertation fellowship award that Phi Kappa Phi offers to support individuals as they write their dissertation.  I am very excited about the vast array of opportunities and the potential contributions I can make through Phi Kappa Phi.