A Levine Scholar and a Dance Major - Lauren Tooley '20

Friday, May 5, 2017

Nothing is better than seeing people's reactions when I tell them that yes, I am a Levine Scholar but yes, I am also a dance major.  Some people are intrigued, some are confused, and most think that I am going to open my own dance studio (I'm not). Choosing to be a dance major seemed obvious to me, as I have danced all my life.  I am combining it with a marketing degree to have something "practical" that will diversify my education and help with getting hired upon graduation.  However, my dance major is really what has made my time here at UNCC challenging, rewarding, and enjoyable.
Funnily enough, I tried to hide my dance major from LSP when I was applying.  I told them I was interested in business, but I put dance on my original UNCC application.  At finalist weekend, I sat down at my table for dinner and I met with Dr. Amato, the director of the Business Honors Program, and Dr. Amin, an assistant professor in the dance department.  I was pleasantly surprised to have my two intended majors represented at the table. This was only the beginning of the support and encouragement I have received from LSP about my uncommon major.

Now that I am one year into my time at UNCC, I am so happy with my decision.  Because of the advising I have received, I have been able to combine both majors and fill my schedule with exciting opportunities and activities.  I performed in the spring dance show, attained an internship on campus with a start-up company, and joined multiple student organizations in both the business and dance fields.  Being a student at UNCC, especially being a Levine Scholar, means that your opportunities are endless and the only one preventing you from doing the things you want is yourself.