My Transition to UNC Charlotte - Scott Christensen '21

Friday, October 20, 2017

     Harris Teeter. Cookout. Bojangles. Before coming to Charlotte, I had never heard of such fine establishments. Even with the lack of Publix grocery stores in the area, moving from southwestern Florida to Charlotte has been an extremely smooth transition. The Charlotte area has quickly become like a home to me. The October weather has been nothing short of wonderful. The campus community has been extremely pleasant and welcoming to all freshmen. Living in Levine Hall has been remarkably enjoyable, allowing me to make a great number of friends outside of my cohort.

     Extracurricular activities and student organizations have been crucial in helping Charlotte feel like home to me. The Business Honors Program especially, has connected me with numerous hard working, diligent peers, several of whom I have become close with. As a member of Special Olympics College, I have been provided the opportunity to dress up as SpongeBob and interact with children for hours. With the Levine Scholars Program, I have been afforded the opportunity to connect and engage myself in the Charlotte community through baseball games, plays, tailgates, parades, museums, and interactive tours. Not often have I found myself unengaged and bored in my first two months on campus!

     As a Levine Scholar, I have been extremely fortunate entering college with great friendships formed at NOLS and an uplifting support system of upperclassmen and LSP faculty. With an invaluable network behind me, I am over-the-moon excited for the future at UNC Charlotte. Coming from out of state, I really had little idea of what to expect at college. From March to August, I spent many hours looking up images of the beautiful UNC Charlotte campus, social media “stalking” my soon to be best friends, and imagining myself in a place far from home. Two months in, I can say I have absolutely made the correct decision coming to Charlotte. The Levine Scholarship and UNC Charlotte have 100% held up to my sky-high expectations from the superb Finalist Program.