More Than Just A Show - Leila Abu-Hassan '21

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

      Though the holiday season has passed, it is most definitely not forgotten! Despite the many opportunities I’ve been given recently that I could write about, the most exciting one to date was seeing The Nutcracker with my fellow Scholars. Though some may say I’m a bit dramatic, I think it’s safe to say the dancers of The Charlotte Ballet absolutely outdid themselves in this one.

     Ever since I was very young, I’ve loved dance. Now that I have given up on the dream of becoming a dancer myself (I am not the most coordinated), I enjoy every opportunity I get to watch it! One of the happiest childhood memories I have was seeing The Nutcracker with my mother and sister, and ever since then I had hoped for the chance to see it again.

     Aside from my love for dance, I also absolutely love the holiday season. Growing up Muslim meant not celebrating Christmas in the traditional way, but learning to be excited for those who did. Even without a tree at home or stockings on the fireplace, I could always enjoy the wonderful Christmas spirit the holiday season brought with it. My love for the holiday season combined with my love for dance makes The Nutcracker everything I could hope for in a show.

     The night began with smiles and laughter, and ended with smiles and tears (disclaimer: most of the tears were from me), as we all shared an incredible experience together. Before heading to the theater, my fellow scholars and I were treated to dinner by the generous Dr. Mike and Mrs. Kelly. Dinner was delicious, and as we ate everyone discussed our excitement to see the show. Upon arrival to theater, I was stunned by the beauty of the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center- though I most definitely didn’t let it’s beauty avert me from what I really came there to see! I couldn’t help but walk as fast as I could to my seat. The performance started strong, and ended even stronger. I physically can’t think of words to describe how beautiful the dancers performed. I can’t speak on behalf of my fellow scholars, but I know I definitely felt like I had been filled with Christmas spirit!