The Perks of Pre-Law Society - Kyle Ali '20

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

            When I came to UNC Charlotte I knew that upon graduating I wanted to go to law school. I declared a major in political science and during my second semester took the introductory course for the legal studies minor. The professor for the course was Kathleen Nicolaides, a former federal prosecutor and the faculty advisor for the Pre-Law Society. Throughout the semester, she would mention how beneficial joining the Pre-Law Society would be for students interested in going to law school.

            At the start of my sophomore year I officially joined the Pre-Law Society. Within a matter of weeks, I had a position on the executive board. The Pre-Law society has solidified my desire to go to law school. Not only is it a great resume builder, but it also provides countless networking opportunities. I’ve met many industry professionals including the president of the American Bar Association, Hilarie Bass. The Pre-Law Society has helped me grow as a leader, pushing me to hold myself accountable and take on more responsibility both within and outside of the organization. I cannot speak highly enough of UNC Charlotte’s Pre-Law Society and encourage any students interested in law school to join.