NOLS Alaska - Class of 2015

NOLS Alaska - Levine Class of 2015
Levine students getting in an extra workout on their first night in Alaska
First campsite in Alaska
Starting the journey
Austin, Bethany, Kevin and Anna eating cookies
A group of scholars playing the Animal Game for evening entertainment
NOLS Alaska - Class of 2015
Conquering Alaska's terrain one mountain at a time
NOLS Alaska - Class of 2015
NOLS Alaska - Class of 2015
Huddling for warmth
Kevin and Kevin taking it all in
Leaving camp for another hike
NOLS Alaska - Class of 2015
Elizabeth, Kailey and Anna resting up after reaching their re-ration destination
Scholars sorting food at a re-ration
Kailey, Matthew, James and Samantha enjoying their new cook group
Elizabeth, Kelsey, Chloe and Kevin beginning their independent hiking trip
Class of 2015 dressed up as Alaskan animals
Lessons learned through a debriefing with NOLS instructors
The Levine Team heading towards the summit
Perfectly made popcorn by Kelsey, Elizabeth, Chloe and Kevin
Levine Scholars and NOLS instructors