Lily Witcher

Lily Witcher

Class of 2027


New Hill, NC


Political Science

Lily Witcher, a first-year student from New Hill, North Carolina, is currently pursuing a double major in Political Science and International Studies with a concentration in Development and Sustainability. During high school, she solidified her interests in policy and social justice through her roles as the president of Human Rights Club and Editor-in-Chief of her school newspaper, through participation in speech competitions, and a summer internship experience in the North Carolina State Legislature. At UNC Charlotte, Lily now writes for the Arts and Culture section of the Niner Times, seeking to share the valuable stories of the people and events on campus. She is also beginning research with the Urban Institute to explore environmental justice and climate inequality in the city of Charlotte. Lily is excited to be a member of the Levine Scholars Program and to explore where her studies and community involvement will lead her over the next four years.