Omar Pasha

Omar Pasha

Class of 2027


Cary, NC


Political Science

Omar Pasha, a first-year Political Science major from Cary, North Carolina, is deeply committed to civic engagement. He demonstrates his dedication through volunteer work at Carying Place, an organization that helps homeless families in managing their finances and accessing housing support as well as working with kids in his community at the local sunday school. Moreover, Omar has taken the initiative to establish a nonprofit organization dedicated to addressing political polarization. His organization fosters civil discourse between Democrats and Republicans in over 20 schools nationwide, with a primary focus on empowering youth and cultivating unity and constructive dialogue amidst today’s politically divided climate. Omar’s commitment to public service was solidified during his summer internship at Governor Roy Cooper’s office, further fueling his ambition to serve and uplift his community. Over the next four years, Omar eagerly looks forward to contributing to the Charlotte community, replicating the positive impact he has made in Cary.