Nomination / Application Process

The Levine Scholars Program has a four-step scholarship nomination/application process that includes the following:

  • School Nomination or Self-Nomination: Students must either be nominated online by their school counselor at their current high school or submit a self-nomination. There is no limit to the number of students nominated from each high school. Homeschooled students can be nominated by a professor or teacher who is not related to the student or submit a self-nomination. The online school nomination and self-nomination form will be available on August 15. Nominations will be accepted until October 8.
    • You can access the self-nomination questionnaire starting on August 15 for the current application cycle.  As a way of helping you determine your competitiveness for the Levine Scholarship, we ask that you take some time with your responses to the questionnaire.  Your answers to the questionnaire will determine your ability to access the self-nomination form.    
  •  Application for Admission to UNC Charlotte: This link will provide information about accessing, completing, and submitting the online freshman admissions application.  Application for Undergraduate Admissions must be received by November 1.
    • Submitting the SAT or ACT is optional.
    • Test scores, if submitted, will not be the primary reason for our decision; they are considered in context and as supplemental information.
  • Completion of a Levine Supplemental Scholarship Application: Once a student is nominated, they will receive an email directing them to the Levine Scholars Portal to find the supplemental scholarship application and essay questions. Students should complete Section A of the application immediately so that emails can be sent to those writing letters of recommendation. The entire supplemental application must be completed and submitted online by November 16.
  • Submission of Online Recommendations: Students can have up to three recommendations submitted on their behalf, but only two recommendations will be required. The first required recommendation should be from someone with direct knowledge of their academic potential and accomplishments; the second required recommendation should be from someone with direct knowledge of their commitment to community service and capacity for ethical leadership. The third optional recommendation can be from anyone who has known the student in an academic or community setting. To better align the Levine scholarship application with other merit scholarship applications at UNC Charlotte, a recommendation from someone with direct knowledge of their academic potential and accomplishments is encouraged.  When completing the supplemental scholarship application, students will be asked to submit the names and email addresses of their two required recommenders and one optional recommender. The recommenders will be emailed a link to the online recommendation form immediately. The recommendation submission deadline is November 16.